Emotions + Me Kit 


Would you like to help your child to understand better their emotions and learn them how to calm down in challenging situations?

EMOTIONS + ME KIT is a collection of the worksheets, poster, and mindfulness activities designed to help a child to strengthen her/his emotional intelligence. 

It's great for ages 5 and above.


  • With this kit, your child will practice:

- emotional mastery
- resilience
- mindfulness
- self-awareness
- self-esteem


  • What's in the Kit?

- 3 Self-discovery activities (A4 size): 3 practical activities that will help your child better understand her/his emotions, strengthen the self-awareness and develop self-esteem. All the activities contain also guides for parents and teachers.

- 5 Mindfulness cards: 5 mindfulness activity cards for starting your child's day in serenity, find calm, focus and open their heart. 

- Lemon squeeze stress reliever helps to calm down your child when she/he ex